April, 2018

Vintage Mexican Silver

vintage mexican silver

There two types of Vintage Mexican Silver namely sterling and Alpacca. Sterling is 92.5% silver, and the rest is copper. Alpaca on the other hand uses a combination of nickel, iron and zinc. Featured Vintage Mexican Silver Items Vintage Mexican Silver jewelries are quite affordable especially in Acapulco. However its inexpensive price does not compromise […]

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Ornate Vintage Japanese Silver Items

vintage japanese silver

Beautiful vintage japanese silver items and collectibles from pins, tie tacs, hand warmers, belt buckles, sprays, brooches, bracelets, earrings and more. Browse through unique Japanese silver collectibles and ornate stylish jewelry at live auctions now! Featured Vintage Japanese Silver Jewelry & Collectibles  

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Antique Sterling Silver Candelabra

Sterling Silver International PRELUDE 3-Light Candelabras

Sterling Silver Antique Candelabras from makers like Dutchen Creation, Revere Silversmiths, Tiffany, International Sterling, Gorham, Reed Barton, Prelude International and more. Featured Antique Sterling Silver Candelabras

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