Vintage Silver

Vintage Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

vintage silver salt and pepper shakers

Browse these listings for Vintage Cartier Shakers, Pagoda Shakers, Gorham Gadroon,  Alvin Manufacturing Co salt & pepper shakers and many more styles and sets of antique sterling silver salt and pepper shakers to choose from. Featured Vintage Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Vintage Siam Silver


Vintage Siam Silver could be easily discerned by its ethnic motifs and often offers a contrast of colors between the black field and silver design. It has an alluring quality that makes neutral colored outfits quite elegant. It could be kept as a highly priced possession or don on special occasions. Featured Vintage Siam Silver […]

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Vintage Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet


Vintage Sterling silver charm bracelets have 92.5% weight of silver, and 7.5% weight of other metals such as copper. These pieces of jewelry have been infamous amongst women in western society. Across the years they have not been solely been used for the purpose of adornment but also as an expression for personal identity. Vintage […]

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