Vintage Silver Crosses

vintage Silver Cross
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How To Clean Vintage Silver Jewelry

Question - I have just started collecting beautiful Sterling Silver bracelets. I have always worn Gold. I never know what I should do about polishing these Vintage Bracelets. Is it a matter of preference or should they be left as is?

Answer - The degree of polish is a preference decision but you also have to be careful not to remove the aged patina too much. I have seen beautiful vintage pieces that were polished too brightly and lost their vintage character. The first rule of thumb for me is to never dip a piece of Vintage Silver jewelry in a dip silver cleaner as it would totally destroy the patina. It would make it look new and most collectors will never do that. I prefer a light hand polishing that enhances the beauty of the piece without affecting the Vintage Factor. The following instructions are for Sterling and Alpaca with hard stones jewelry only. First, wash in mild soap and water to remove the surface dirty and grime. Then use a soft polishing cloth to enhance the higher parts of piece. That is it. You may wish to keep them in sealed bags or wrapped in anti tarnish tissue paper.

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