Antique Silver

Vintage Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

vintage silver salt and pepper shakers

Browse these listings for Vintage Cartier Shakers, Pagoda Shakers, Gorham Gadroon,  Alvin Manufacturing Co salt & pepper shakers and many more styles and sets of antique sterling silver salt and pepper shakers to choose from. CLICK HERE! – Featured Vintage Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Beautiful Antique Silver Bracelets

antique silver spoon bracelet

What a great way to re-purpose antique flatware. These listings offer a wide variety of  unique crafted spoon jewelry. Old vintage flatware can be crafted into unique jewelry like  bracelets, pendants, or rings. Spoon bracelets make a great gifts and can be personalized to make it a truly unique piece of jewelry. Featured Antique Silver […]

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Antique Silver Tussie Mussie

silver tussie mussie

Antique tussie mussie or Posy (aka nosegay) is a small flower bouquet, typically given as a gift. They have been around in one form or another since at least medieval times. Available in many different shapes and materials (usually silver), enable the wearing of these arrangements as a fashion accessory. Featured Antique Silver Tussie Mussie […]

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