Vintage Peruvian Silver

vintage peruvian silver

Find great deals for vintage peruvian silver jewelry and vintage peruvian silver jewelry bracelets, jewelry boxes, wrist cuff bracelets, silver belts, silver ring necklaces, brooches, pendants and more. Makes a great gift or an addition to your vintage silver collection.

Featured Vintage Peruvian Silver

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  • suzanne salazar

    I have a bracelet that I believe is Welsch Casa. Dating from the 1930s, (from the rest of the items in the estate sale) Where can I get it valued? The jewelers around here don’t have any ideas on this type of piece, except for the silver value.
    It is a 6 panel bracelet with a spring plate clasp in one panel. It has what I believe to be depiction of a Chupacabra, or similar mythical beast. The back is marked with a llama and stamped 900

  • I have a silver pendent with a lady’s head on it and ornate border with the stamps
    The rn has a square around it
    Any info would be much appreciated


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